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Bekki Fahrer

bekki_250Almost from the moment she was born, Bekki has been immersed in books.  She would demand her parents readHands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb repetitively as a toddler, despite the fact that she knew it by heart.  She learned to read at a very young age, and has pretty much spent the majority of her life with a nose in a book.  She would convince her parents that she needed the hall light left on, just so she could sneak in a few extra pages of reading after she had been put to bed.   Now-a-days you’d be hard pressed to find her juggling less than 4 books at a time, not including the one that is playing on CD in her car. Her love of reading is only rivaled by her love of discussing what she’s reading and learning, so working as a Mentor for Reading For Life has been a delight.  A recent graduate of Western Michigan University, Bekki is the General Manager of a local Hotel in her spare time. Bekki spent some of her childhood in London, England so she has a soft spot for various boarding school novels, anything by Terry Pratchett, Harry Potter in the original ‘English’, and everything Austen, even if it involves zombies and sea-monsters. She spent 6 years as Youth Team Leader, and Worship Arts Coordinator at Tri-Lakes Community Church, heading up and leading the Jr. High and High School Youth groups, and coordinating the Drama, Dance, Music, and Art teams. She has written and directed a number of productions at her church.  In her spare time Bekki is a Pop-Culture buff, and enjoys watching movies, being snobbish about her music tastes, acting, and convincing people to watch her favorite T.V. shows.  Bekki also loves to create and is often found creating Jewelry, or knitting something warm and snuggly. Now if only she could find self page turning books so knitting and reading could co-exist smoothly.

Bekki was awarded the 2011 Community Mentor of Excellence Inspire award by College Mentors for Kids. She is currently on staff with Reading for Life leading reading groups for teens in detention and heading up the Bookmobile Project.



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